Restaurants, work with Biite.

Activate a new audience.
Reduce cancellations to zero.
Generate momentum.

New Customers

Biite has built a list of experience-craving, price-insensitive foodies that will become your new customers.

Incremental Revenue

Pre-sold tickets for Biite bring in an additional $$$ on top of normal business operations.

PR Opportunity

Every Biite drop is a new opportunity for PR to shine a light on your business and stay top of mind.

Join the platform used by multiple Michelin Star chefs.


remaining to participate in Biite Season 2 programming.

Doing a drop is simple:

1. Set A Menu

Every drop is an opportunity to try new things and be experimental. Select a concept menu that flexes your creative muscles.

2. Pre-sell Tickets

We will shoot beautiful brand assets for you to share, build a page, and send communications to our list. Pre-sale ensures events are a success.

3. Host Event

Biite sends your establishment new customers who are excited to experience your food. What's more, you'll be able to recontact guests for the future.

Meet a few alumni from the Biite Season 1 cohort:

Josiah Citrin

Alex Atala

If chefs are the new rockstars,we throw concerts.

"Food for those in the know"


"I want to do this at least once a month"

Mark Meyuhas

The Tasting Kitchen

"This thing slaps."