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The AAPI Pantry Essentials: A Collection by Valerie Gordon

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Crunchy black sesame butter, snacks by Mama Fong, Queens gochujang and, of course, chocolate... 

Valerie Gordon closes out AAPI Heritage Month with a seriously stellar collection of AAPI and women-owned goodies— a story and celebration of age-old traditions and the way they’ve been honored throughout generations. 

These are mandatory.

If you’ve met Valerie, you know the bright eyed enthusiasm she brings to everything she loves. As a Chinese-American, this one means a lot to her.
Each box benefits Regarding Her, in support of women food entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.


Sir Owlverick - Classic Coffee Beans
This one runs deep. Three generations of coffee roasting in one cup, dating back to the era of French colonization in Vietnam where Grandpa Tang learned the craft of ethically sourced coffee roasting. Three decades later, his granddaughter Amy Tang carries on the legacy in Anaheim, California. 

Woon Kitchen - Peanuts + Seamoss
Grandma June's favorite Shanghainese drinking snack, passed down to Mama Fong. A blend of in-house roasted peanuts and dehydrated, roasted sea moss. Once you try them, you'll never want another beer without them. Valerie has a special fondness for Mama Fong! (Sorry, Keegan)

Rooted Fare - Crunchy Black Sesame Butter
Ultra delicious, nutty butter spread you didn’t know you needed. Valerie bakes into pastries. We spread on toast. Pretty sure we saw Open Market add it to a Black Sesame Latte. Honestly, just eat it spoonful. 

Brightland - Mini Olive Oils in Garlic & Chili
Valerie holds a deep admiration for Brightland founder, Aishwarya Iyer, both personally and professionally. The California-pressed olive oil is perfect for a drizzle with a spicy kick. Valerie says, and we quote, “once you go Brightland, you’re there for life." Heard it here first, folks. 

Queens - Gochujang
Jujube infused fermented red chili paste, hand harvested and fermented in California by Queens, a gem that once graced 9th ave in San Francisco. This one hits close to home for Valerie who grew up nearby and feels a deep connection to the community to this day. 

~last but not least~

Valerie Confections - Rice & Sesame Bar
Rich, milky chocolate with caramel notes, is complemented by toasted rice, black sesame seeds, and soy salt. “Oh, honey, it's not just any snack—it's the OG, the classic, the one that's been stealing hearts since forever! You better believe it, darling!” Gotta love her. 

Regarding Her is a non-profit founded in 2020 by nine female restaurateurs in Los Angeles as a response to the devastating impact of covid-19 on the restaurant industry and its disproportionate effects on women-owned businesses.

Let's show our AAPI community some love. Saturday and Sunday pick-up at the OG neighborhood favorite, Valerie Echo Park. See you there. 


WHAT: The AAPI Pantry Essentials: A Collection by Valerie Gordon

WHEN: Saturday 5/25 and Sunday 5/26, 7am - 4pm pick-up

WHERE: 1665 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026


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