Biite Presents: The BCLT Pizza Limo

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Not since prom could you have pictured yourself riding around in a ridiculous limousine, hopping spots in luxury, feeling fine as wine. Now, you're an adult. The occasion is pizza. We're going to live forever.

This evening, we're riding in style to three of the finest pizzerias in LA, made by the most sophisticated pizzaiolos who will transport you from the Lower East Side back to the terrestrial streets of Los Angeles, and end it in the hills of Sicily.

Good Clean Fun, downtown's finest natural wine shop has paired wines for our stops along the way. Shenanigans will ensue. Friends will be made. Pizza will be ate.

Without further ado, let's pizza.



Danny Boy
: New York Style
Our regal evening of pizza royalty begins in the LES of NYC where celebrity chef and founder of The Meatball Shop, Daniel Holzman has obsessively recreated the most distinct attributes of a perfect NY slice to fill the slice-shaped-hole in an expat's heart. 

Los Angeles Style

We escaped New York. It's back to LA which was, for far too long, overlooked in the pizza zeitgeist. Chef/Owners Steve and Dina Samson have created a temple of fine Cal-Italian cooking next door at Rossoblu. Pizza however, is for the people. At Superfine, anyone can have a taste of their superior pie which one might even describe as the official LA pizza style. Superfine incorporates elements of old and new world pizza making traditions, and combines them with the bountiful seasonal produce of California's finest farms. This folks, is LA style pizza and the city is proud to serve it.

De La Nonna:
Grandma Style 

We crescendo this tour at De La Nonna, a nod to the Latin and Italian origins of the two owners. This fine establishment could be called a top class cocktail bar with a damn fine Sicilian pie. Or, you could call it one of LA's best pizza spots with an impressive cocktail program. Market lights strung under the stars and some patio vibes, wines, and salads might help us wind the night down with a nightcap pie, cocktails, and some sweet desserts to close us out.