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The YOLO Caviar "C.L.T." by Bread Head and Roe Caviar

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You can't live every day like it's your last. But this Saturday, we're going to eat like it.

On the last day of service at Bread head Beverly Hills, former Trois Mec Chefs Alex Williams and Jordan Snyder invite you to throw caution to the wind and experience a celebration of luxury with Roe Caviar and a set of sandwiches that are here to say one thing and one thing only: YOLO.

The "C.L.T."

We all know and love the BLT. The salty goodness of the bacon, the crisp crunch of the iceberg lettuce, the toothsome acidity of the tomato. But what if we subbed 25G of delicious, salty, briny caviar for the bacon and went full Hunter S. Thompson gonzo? Some have called it “transcendental” and they’re not wrong. Iceberg lettuce. Heirloom tomato. Aioli. 25G Roe Caviar. $90.

The Egg Salad & Caviar Sandwich

Every caviar service worth its salt has a few key elements. The minced egg whites and yolks. A delicious, pillowy blini. Crème fraîche. Carefully assembled into a small, dainty bite. In an absurd expression of the sandwich format, we dare you to indulge with this reconstructed caviar service between two pieces of Bread Head’s signature focaccia. Farm egg salad. Chives. 25G Roe Caviar. $90.

The "High-Low-YOLO" Caviar Service

A heap of luxurious caviar. Crème fraîche. Chives. On Rusty’s potato chips. Enough said. 30G tin Roe Caviar. Mother of Pearl caviar spoon and key. $120.

Outrageous. Decadent. Delicious. 


These masterpieces are only available this Saturday by pre-order only, so get yours now while you still can.

Pre-orders open until Friday the 15th.

WHEN: Available for pickup 11am to 5pm.* Saturday October 16th

WHERE: Bread Head, 9909 South Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Delicious images shot by Pete Halvorsen. Must follow.

*    Items must be picked up during specified pickup window. Items that are not picked up cannot be refunded.