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Buffalo A-Go-Go by Kat Turner of Highly Likely

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Buff. Alo. Ready? Go.

We've all heard of "rockstar chefs" but in the case of Kat Turner, she literally is.

After a stint in New York honing her technique at the National Gourmet Institute for Culinary Arts and in the kitchen at NYC institution Blue Hill, Kat came back to Los Angeles where she quickly became the private chef to some of the biggest badasses in rock and roll (Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, anyone?). It was only a matter of time before she started her own cafe as Chef-Owner of Highly Likely in West Adams which has quickly become a staple of the community.

Chef Kat's desire for all things Buffalo runs deep, so you could say that this sandwich is her ultimate love letter to the genre.

  • Koji-marinated fried chicken tendies (or Nuggs if you swing veggie)
  • Sweet toasty Japanese milk bun
  • Crispy crunchy carrot and celery slaw
  • Creamy tangy buttermilk bleu dressing
  • The best kewpie mayo
  • And of course...
  • Firey buttery HiLi buffalo sauce ft. their cult favorite, made in-house, fermented hot sauce.
Each of these beauties comes with a full bottle of the good stuff, Kat's signature, small-batch, house-fermented HiLi Hot Sauce, cuz you won't want to live without it after this. Fresno Chili | Garlic | Smoked Paprika | White Wine Vinegar | Evaporated Cane Juice | EVOO Fermented in-house (8oz)
Hot. Tangy. Crispy. Crave-able. And going to disappear fast. Pre-order one of these limited-time Buffalo beauties before they're gone.

Exclusively available for pre-order, one weekend only on Biite. 

WHAT: Limited-Edition Buffalo Sandwich (chicken or vegetarian Nuggs) + 8oz bottle of Small-Batch HiLi Hot Sauce. 

WHEN: Pickups Friday 12/3 or Saturday 12/4 between 10:00 and 4:00

WHERE: Highly Likely Cafe, 4310 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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