Biite Presents: An Evening With Charles X Michel

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***A select few scholarship spots are available. To apply, DM on Instagram and tell us why you should be at this experience. Tickets are also available for sale on this page.***


Visionary, artist, culinary philosopher, experience designer, gastro-activist, and educator Charles X Michel (The Final Table, Netflix, World's 50 Best #50Next Class of 2022) is coming to Los Angeles for a series of spectacular events culminating with Three Paintings, a multi-course immersive dining experience and live performance by CxM himself. 


An Immersive Performance & Dining Experience by CxM
Thursday September 8th, 7-10pm. $300pp

An experience designer, artist, and flavor expert, Charles X Michel uses food and the meal ritual as media to inspire conscious eating and regenerative solutions in the relationship between humans and nature. In this immersive dinner in 3 acts by Charles X Michel, Three Paintings is an invitation to commune and conspire - to breathe together - and reconnect our senses to the elemental power of food. Do not expect a conventional seated dining experience...

CxM will collaborate with KodŇć to create three edible landscapes. The main act will showcase the concept that Charles had designed for the finale of Netflix's The Final Table cooking competition - this will be the first (and only?) time he will perform this creation in front of an audience.


An lecture exploring the practice of Conscious Eating & Cooking
Thursday September 8th, 3-5pm. Free with RSVP, just add item to cart to reserve your spot.

This¬†masterclass consists of an evolution of the ‚ÄúSensorial Exploration‚ÄĚ course CxM created and now teaches at the Institut Paul Bocuse, and will explore food techniques, sensory experience design, and food psychology, philosophy, history, and systems. The central component of the programme will be exploring the practice of Conscious Eating & Cooking.¬†

  • What is Conscious Eating?¬†
  • Ethics of Multisensory Design
  • Food Aesthetics
  • Experience Architecture



  • Three Paintings, Coursed Meal plus Live Performance¬†by Charles X Michel. $300 per person.
  • Flavour Energy Masterclass, lecture series by Charles X Michel. Free with RSVP.


  • Three Paintings:¬†Thursday¬†September¬†8th, 7-10pm.¬†
  • Flavour Energy Masterclass: Thursday September 8th, 3-5pm


  • KodŇć, 710 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

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    About Charles X Michel:

    Working at the intersection of science, art, philosophy, community and entrepreneurship, Charles Michel aims to inspire solutions for urgent global challenges.

    He is an experience designer in a variety of fields, as an artist using food and the meal ritual as media, and as a consultant in regenerative practices for high-level organizations and companies. In recent years, he has worked on cutting-edge projects in community building, food innovation, regen hospitality, and experiential art. Charles is the co-founder of luxury design company Michel / Fabian which creates culinary utensils and vessels to enhance the sensual pleasure of eating.

    In his years at Oxford University’s department of experimental psychology, Charles published over a dozen articles in scientific journals on crossmodal perception and multi-sensory aesthetics. He is a professor at his alma mater, Institut Paul Bocuse, and he recently co-edited a special issue on Gastrophysics in the International Journal of Food Design.

    Dubbed one of the top chefs in the world, Charles starred in ‚ÄúThe Final Table‚ÄĚ on Netflix. The World‚Äôs 50 Best Restaurants and Bars and the Basque Culinary Center awarded him as ‚ÄúEmpowering Educator‚ÄĚ in the #50Next Class of 2022, a list of global game changers shaping the future of gastronomy.