PORK & PEACHES: by Ggiata X Flatpoint BBQ

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If summer was a sandwich, it would conjure all the best parts of the season. Backyard BBQs. The sweetness of the fresh fruit from the farmers market. A little bit of heat. And of course ice cream to stay cool.

Well, Danny Gordon of Flatpoint BBQ has teamed up with Ggiata, LA's hottest east coast inspired Italian deli, to bring you PORK & PEACHES: an elevated summertime BBQ between two pieces of bread.

8-hour oak smoked Porchetta by Danny Gordon of Flatpoint BBQ, fresh peaches, shaved parm, Calibrian labneh, dressed arugula, garlic confit, and fresh mint, served with a homemade peach gelato by Ggiata. 

Whether you're staying in LA or getting ready for a weekend trip, set off your summer with Ggiata and Flatpoint BBQ next Friday July 8th and Saturday July 9th.

Exclusively available for pre-order for one weekend only on Biite.


WHAT: PORK & PEACHES by Ggiata X Flatpoint BBQ, served with a homemade peach gelato by Ggiata

WHEN: Pickups Friday July 8th and Saturday July 9th, 12:00 - 3:00 PM

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