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Limited Edition Italian Beef Quesatacos by Comfy Pup

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Michael Walker of Comfy Pup is serving up a limited quantity of a new spin on the classic Chicago-style Italian beef with an LA twist.

As an LA transplant, I definitely fall under the cliché column of “falling in love with tacos upon moving here”.  Combine the limitless possibilities of meat and style combinations available in LA with my addictive personality, and you’ll get a midwestern kid eating new kinds of tacos every day of the week.  Recently, I discovered birria and I cannot get enough— while on day 5 of my most recent birria quesataco binge, I came to realize that these tacos share some similar qualities to an Italian beef. Both use slowly simmered meats, are served in an edible wrap, usually, along with a side of consommé for extra wetness— dipping is key.

Our Italian Beef Quesatacos reimagine the classic Chicago-style Italian beef as the delicious street food our city is known for. You’ll get three crispy, cheesy yellow corn tortillas stuffed with slow-simmered Italian beef, melted mozzarella cheese, chopped giardiniera, onions, and cilantro. On the side, a cup of homemade au jus for dipping and a couple of sport peppers (for a lil ZING and PEP). We hope you enjoy this take on an Italian beef— because we’re ONLY doing it TODAY!


Pickup will be on Sunday, May 30th between 6:30 - 10 PM.  


Glendale Tap - 4227 San Fernando Rd, Glendale, CA 91204

We’ll be posted up on the patio with our regular menu— but you can ONLY get these tacos for pre-order here on Biite.

We encourage you to pick up a beverage from their bottle shop or stay and have a drink on the patio.