Pizza Ananda

The Jah Mama Za with Pizza Ananda

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There’s a new Za on the block and it’s not like any other... 

Pizza Ananda was started by Brandon Stanciell, a former photographer who transitioned to the world of sourdough pizza-making after the birth of his daughter, Anandamayi. 

But there’s something special that struck us about this pie, and that’s the crust. The pizza plays with proportions— a higher ratio of crust to pizza, because it’s that good. Served with olive oil and vinegar for dipping, the crust becomes an experience of its own, especially with the right sauce… 


Jah, like his mama, is coming through with the sauce. Not only the OG beloved Jah Mama hot sauce, but also a special edition BBQ sauce and home-made ranch, both inside the pizza, and on the side for dipping.

We asked Jah for a bottle and he said it was sold out. Everywhere but here, at least. 

BBQ Chicken - Jah Mama BBQ Sauce - Mozzarella - Gouda - Red Onion - Cilantro - Jah Mama Homemade Ranch - All the sauces for dipping

+ all the Bar Bandini natty wines available for purchase on site 

Brandon Stanciell, a former Los Angeles photographer, transitioned into the world of pizza-making after the birth of his daughter, Anandamayi. His journey started with sourdough bread baking, which ignited his passion for crafting sourdough pizza. As a result, he created Pizza Ananda, as an homage to his daughter and contemporary Italian pizza.

Jah is a tastemaker. Born Jahphet Negast Landis in Colón, Panama to a beloved Rastafarian elder and a god fearing, loving mother. Jah was raised in Brooklyn and inspired from a young age by Latin, Caribbean, and NYC street culture. He spent most of his life building an impressive résumé in music under the name "Roofeeo." In more recent years, he developed his skills in the kitchen, regularly cooking for friends and family with the ideal of community always in the forefront.

He, like you, spent 2020 in quarantine, experiencing the dichotomy of grief at the loss of his mother only two years prior, and the joy in sensory memories of her home cooked recipes and the love that poured through them. Jah’s Mama always came through with the sauce, mailing it to him when he migrated to the west coast. Her homemade hot sauce, a staple to all the dishes he grew up eating, guaranteed the warmth of home was always near.


WHAT: The Jah Mama Za with Pizza Ananda

WHEN: Thursday May 16th, 6:00 - 10:00 PM, pick up or dine in

WHERE: Bar Bandini, 2150 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States


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