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THE BIG DILL: THICC Burger x Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles

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Not that it was ever truly in question… but an Oxford research study conducted by Professor and Food Scientist Charles Spence found that the best burgers DO indeed have pickles in them. 

“A cheese burger without pickles is like PB without the J.” - Scott Kaylin

This National Cheeseburger Day— September 18th— two old friends, OG pickle guy Scott Kaylin, and THICC Burger Chef Jay Wolfe (who recently WON their stall at the Original Farmers Market) celebrate LA’s most beloved food and its most crucial ingredient: the pickle. 

Not just any old pickle. Kaylin + Kaylin jalapeño dill pickles, honey mustard pickled fried onions, dill pickle seasoned fries and fried pickles. 

Mr. Spence, here’s your hard evidence: 

Double meat, double pepper jack cheese, Kaylin + Kaylin jalapeno dill pickles, pickled fried onions, lettuce, THICC sauce.

Side of pickle seasoned THICC fries and fried pickles

Pickle brined fried chicken, Kaylin + Kaylin honey mustard pickles, fermented garlic hot honey, dilly ranch, slaw.

Side of pickle seasoned THICC fries and fried pickles

THICC Burger is the brainchild of Chef Jay Wolfe - an L.A. native who grew up eating their way through every corner of L.A. Like many other chef’s, Wolfe was forced to pivot [from Private Chef life] when the world shut down in 2020, birthing the culture-driven THICC Burger as a traveling burger pop up, with hopes of reimagining the classic flavors of Los Angeles. In just two years, Wolfe has taken THICC Burger around the country to just about every major city, introducing the vibe and flavor of THICC to everyone who would listen (and eat)! Wolfe brought THICC Burger back home to L.A. this Summer after a year-long residency in Atlanta; they recently won the New Original’s contest at the Original Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and 3rd - an iconic location in the heart of the city, opening this September where this National Cheeseburger Day collab with Kaylin and Kaylin is going down. THICC Burger is an OG Kaylin fan! His pickles and my burgers have been collaborating since 2020. We're not new to this, we're true to this!

Pickles bring people happiness. I witnessed this first hand in the spring of 2020, one month after opening the first pickle-tasting bar at The Original  Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Week after week, even through a global pandemic, customers kept calling, reaching out, and coming back for their favorite flavors of spicy, sour, and sweet –– ensuring we would not only survive, but make it out on the other side. From there, the idea of Kaylin + Kaylin was solidified. 

Whether looking for pickles that are fermented, brined, the perfect addition to any recipe, or a salty, standalone snack, each of our flavors are crafted to cure any craving, and keep tastebuds buzzing for more. Kaylin + Kaylin brings a modern approach to a timeless food that can be enjoyed wherever,  whenever, and by whomever:  No age limit needed, no day of time required, and now, no coast necessary. Our pickles are here to provide happiness in every crunch. We can’t wait for you to take your first bite.

Join us at the Original Farmers Market on Monday, September 18th. 
It's kind of a big dill..


WHAT: THE BIG DILL: Thicc Burger x Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles

WHEN: Monday, September 18th. 6PM - 9PM, pick up or dine in

WHERE: THICC Burger, Stall #126 at The Original Farmers Market - 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States  (across from sticker planet) 


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