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La Tamalada Italiana: Holiday Tamale Feast for 4 by Amiga Amore

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Every December, all of Los Angeles looks forward to the Christmas tamale haul, when you and your loved ones can unwrap tamales from their corn husk wrappers like little edible presents pulled straight from under the tree.

This year, Danielle Duran-Zecca of Amiga Amore is BACK with another epic tamale haul so you can be the MVP of your holiday parties and Christmas feast. Each meal for four is complete and ready to go, so you can enjoy the most unique and delicious tamale experience this holiday season. Simply reheat, serve, and see the smiles.

These tamales are an embodiment of Amiga Amore, representing so much more than food. This meal is a celebration and homage to the Mexican and Italian influences in Danielle's life, brought together to celebrate the combined traditions of the season.

La Tamalada Italiana, Holiday Tamale Feast for 4

One dozen (12) tamales including three delicious Mexican-Italian inspired flavors, with a growler of Holiday Ponche (a festive guava, apple, and hibiscus beverage), with an Amaretto Tiramisu for dessert. Each box also comes with a bottle of Amiga Amore's signature "El Chorro" hot sauce. Enough to feed the whole holiday gathering, and keep eating the leftovers through the New Year. 


What's in the box:

Short Rib & Bone Marrow Tamales (4)

4-short rib Red Chile & Bone Marrow tamales. Served with a delicious Red Chile sauce, rich in guajillo and ancho chiles.

Rabbit Verde Tamales (4)
4-rabbit verde tamales in a vibrant verde sauce made from tomatillos, onions, cilantro and slow-roasted garlic, served with a Oaxaca cheese sauce.

Potato Poblano Oaxaca Cheese Tamales (4)(Veg)
4-fire-roasted poblano pepper and Oaxaca cheese tamales served best with Amiga Amore signature El Chorro hot sauce.

Holiday Ponche
One 16oz growler of house made Holiday Ponche, made from apple, guava, and hibiscus (if you add a splash of tequila or mezcal, we wont tell...) 

Amaretto Tiramisu (9 inch pie tin)
Almond liquor infused tiramisu in a 9 inch pie tin. Simple, just serve and see the smiles. 

El Chorro "Habanero Fuego" Hot Sauce
Each Tamalada box comes with a bottle of Amiga Amore's signature, 100% organic, locally made with no artificial preservatives, El Chorro hot sauce. Locally sourced ingredients cooked low and slow to extract the most flavor in every drop.


Reheat + Serving Instructions: each box comes with all sauces, toppings, and accoutrements on the side, with reheat instructions and a steamer tin to prep, dress, and serve them as if they were brought right to your table by Danielle herself.


WHAT: La Tamalada Italiana Holiday Tamale Feast, by Amiga Amore

WHERE: Pickups at Amiga Amore, 5668 York Blvd, Los Angeles, 50042

WHEN: pick ups 12:00 - 3:00 on Thursday 12/22


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