Mercado Abierto Presents: A Filipino Take on a Torta

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Koreatown holds the key to what makes LA’s food scene one of the most unique, dynamic, and exciting in the world.

Over the last five decades, the largest Korean community outside the motherland has grown alongside an extra rich population of Salvadorians, Oaxacans, and global immigrants who arrived in California in the late 1970’s.

Their legacy: a melting pot of flavors, from street tacos to buckwheat noodles, spicy hot ferments, and Michelin star dishes wedged between Vermont and Western. A new generation of chefs have embraced the interflow of cultures and invented a new, colorful, and inclusive way to be— and eat— as an Angeleno.

Among them are Filipino Chef Andrew Marco of Open Market and Restaurateur Bricia Lopez, of legendary Oaxacan institution, Guelaguetza. Two LA-grown food and culture ambassadors sharing their angle of the LA story from just a few blocks away.

When we got Chef Marco and Bricia together to cook up something special for the Biite fam, what they cooked up was somehow both surprising yet inevitable...

Mercado Abierto Presents:
A Filipino Take on a Torta (naturally)
By Open Market X Guelaguetza

  • Cebuchon— a form of Lechon local to Cebu, Philippines
  • Guelaguetza’s iconic Mole Rojo
  • Quesillo (aka queso Oaxaca)
  • Avocado
  • Pickled red onion and habanero
  • All on freshly baked bolillo
  • Served with a black forbidden rice Horchata to wash it all down

Order for pickup, or pull up, buy a bottle, and stay a while. K-Town is turning up April 2nd, we'll see you there...


WHAT: The Filipino Take on a Torta with Forbidden Rice Horchata ($25)

WHEN: Sunday April 2nd, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (pickups or dine in)

WHERE: Open Market, 3339 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA 90010

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About Open Market
Husband and wife team Brian and Yoonna Lee partnered up with long time friends Andrew Marco and Ralph Hsiao to conceptualize a new sandwich shop in Koreatown focused on creating a new retail food environment that highlights the rich cultural landscape of Los Angeles cuisine and market products.

Inspired by the Bodegas of New York, Open Market was created to be a space where strangers can become neighbors. Bodegas are the lifeblood of the neighborhoods they are in, providing food, groceries, news, and comfort. They are spaces where lines of class, lines of ethnicity, lines of language, are blurred and all are welcome. It was our solution to welcome people back from the isolation of the pandemic. What better way to come back together than with good wine, good food, and good energy.

About Guelaguetza
Guelaguetza first opened its doors in 1994 by immigrant husband and wife Fernando Lopez and Maria Monterrubio. Since then, our goal at Guelaguetza has been to showcase the best of our family recipes and stay true to authentic Oaxacan ingredients. Guelaguetza’s mission is for all of its patrons to live and experience Oaxaca through all of its dishes.

Today, Mr. and Mrs. Lopez are retired and have paved the way for their children, Paulina, Fernando Jr, Elizabeth and Bricia Lopez.  This new generation of Oaxaqueños has taken upon themselves the responsibility of not only continuing their family’s restaurant success but also expanding its legacy as ambassadors to Oaxacan cuisine in Los Angeles.