Toro Antiguo

Milanesas & Mariscos: Family Style Live Fire Feast, by Toro Antiguo

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Do you appreciate the immense satisfaction of removing the peel of a whole clementine in a single, continuous piece? 

Then this latest, absolute marvel of culinary technique, menu design, and limitless creativity by Toro Antiguo might just be for you. Known for bringing people together around the flame for mesmerizing, live-fire cooking, Chef Guillen consistently delivers uniquely soulful cuisine in the least likely of places.

In this shared dining experience at a secret location in Glassell Park, leave your inhibitions at the door and let your imagination run wild, as whole, deboned chickens are pounded thin and fried as a single, staggering piece, heaped with mounds of delicious toppings, served with french fries, and oysters — raw, grilled, and fried. 

The Menu

Whole Chicken Milanesa & Fries 
Salsa de tomatillo roja y verde  

Crudo, Brasa, and Frito Oysters (1pp)
Balsamic, shallot fresno pepper 
Honey comb, sambal chili aioli 

Cannellini Butter and Banyuls Vinegar Beans 

Duck Fat Flour Tortillas 

Plus, a special gift from Sake High! - LA’s favorite crisp, refreshing junmai (non-additive) sake, in a convenient, recyclable can.

Served family style as an open-flame feast and backyard hang.

Love with your heart. Eat with your hands. Come experience the magic that is Toro Antiguo next Sunday, January 22nd.


WHAT: Milanesas & Mariscos by Toro Antiguo, shared meal for two (2) or four (4)

WHEN: Sunday, January 22nd, multiple time slots

WHERE: Secret Glassell Park location disclosed to ticket purchasers

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From Chef Guillen:
“After eating Mexican food for so many years I might have grown some disdain towards it but then realized that I’m actually eating different versions of it from many different cultures…  I was pounding chicken thinking about Katsu but then thought “why not schnitzel?” & as I pounded more I thought “why not be proud & make it mexican”… kind of silly but it’s honest & its good. & even the dish “Chicken Milanesa” … “Milanese” is Italian as are my Cannellini beans, not Pinto. We’re all the same, just different.” This menu is an expression of contentedness with my own culture’s cuisine and the experiences that have shape shifted its expression along the way.

Special thanks to Sake High! for the refreshments, and My House for hosting us in their space. My House is a women-led events company that brings innovation to the catering and events industry by empowering and supporting the growth of independent and up and coming chefs.