Nuthin' But Cutlets

Nuthin' But Cutlets Presents: The Chicken Tony Masala

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Tucked into the residential streets of Los Feliz is the old neighborhood ice cream truck turned east coast-style chicken cutlet sandwich shop of our bicoastal dreams.

They call themselves NUTHIN' BUT CUTLETS. Straightforward and to the point, naturally. 

As a homage to the bodega classic, the east-side cult of chicken cutlets has dreamed up a new sandwich, just for us. A classic Italian chicken parm but with an Indian twist...  


Named after Mark and Stephanie's pomeranian, Tony. It's a bold, sweet, salty and somewhat-spicy cutlet sandwich with buttery masala sauce that will for sure make your heart melt - just like Tony does.

Double Chicken Cutlet
Tikka Masala sauce 
Pickled Cucumbers
Green Cilantro Chutney
Micro Cilantro

+ a Pineapple Pepino Lime Agua Fresca

Run, don’t walk — to reserve your tix — and stroll through on Saturday, June 17th for east coast vibes at a sunny California pace. 


WHAT: NUTHIN' BUT CUTLETS: The Chicken Tony Masala and a Pineapple Pepino Lime Agua Fresca ($25)

WHEN: Saturday, June 17th - 11:00 - 3:00 PM

WHERE: NUTHIN' BUT CUTLETS, Los Feliz. Exact address will be made available to ticket buyers. 

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It's 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Mark, an east coast transplant living in LA, is stuck inside, unemployed and needs to pay rent just like the rest of the world. All he wants is to eat a chicken cutlet sandwich to help soothe his soul. But, the limited options in LA leave him disappointed and craving them even more. So, he takes it upon himself to make his own. He buys a couple fryers, sticks a handwritten sign on his front lawn and starts slinging mouthwatering chicken cutlet sandwiches from his front porch with the help of his wife Stephanie, just see how it goes. 

Nuthin' But Cutlets is born. 

It gets busy, like a line down the sidewalk busy. To keep up with demand, Mark purchases an ice cream van, converts it into a mini food truck and continues the dream of bringing cutlet culture to LA. 3 years later, Nuthin' But Cutlets has developed a loyal following and has become a staple in the Los Feliz community. Each sandwich draws inspiration from the east coast classics Mark grew up with, but they're not afraid to shake it up from time to time...