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Rare Coffee + Rare Records with Estellar, Hooked & Dudley Market

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3 courses of delicious foods with specialty coffee pairings
2 world class cupping experts open for office hours
1 community-led rare Vinyl set 

Come a lover, leave an expert.   

Coffee Sommelier Alejandra Jaimes of Estellar and award-winning barista, "Nicely" Abel Alameda met at the bar at Hooked, his coffee pop-up at Dudley Market. In a matter of months, they embarked on a coffee odyssey through Colombia, tasting, connecting with farmers and building a friendship over their love of the bean.

On Sunday September 10th, the absolute best in the biz come together to bring LA's coffee culture to new heights with a 3-course pairing and cupping party for real deal coffee lovers.

Plus, a community-led rare Vinyl set and a warm welcome to Chef Diego Hernandez, a big win for LA and Dudley Market after creating Latin America's 50 Best restaurant Corazón de Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe, MX. 


Warm lentil salad with plantain purée and coffee glazed pork belly
Coffee pairing: Glass of Sacred Sidra - a coffee sourced by Alejandra featuring a flavor complexity more like a day time wine, highlight the many parallels between the world of coffee and wine that elevates the value of coffee from seed to glass.

Estellar Coffee rub duck breast taco, nopales salad and coffee infused salsa borracha
Coffee pairing: Café Rico - Homemade vanilla, espresso, orange zest, and a dusting of cinnamon. A balance of flavors intent on making someone’s moment. Its the hallmark of Nicely's service recognized by the LA Times and a true nod to his history in coffee stemming from Seattle to LA. 

Orange infused flan with green coffee caramel
Coffee pairing: Gesha Floral Pour Over - the Natural process Gesha Nicely got to taste at Las Misiones on his trip with Ale to Colombia. 

+ some treats to take home curated by Estellar coffee & Hooked Venice


3 time Latte’ Art Champion and Owner at Hooked Venice, Christopher “Nicely” Abel Alameda has been a prominent figure in the Southern California coffee scene for over 20 years. Known by most simply as Nicely. His journey began at Espresso Vivace in Seattle, where he honed his skills in the art of espresso preparation and milk texturing—a trade he learned at one of the original hubs of latte art and exceptional espresso. He embarked on his journey from Seattle to Los Angeles with Intelligentsia as its original hire for the Venice location, he continued to impress helping launch Handsome Coffee Roasters. Later, he played a significant role at The Hart & The Hunter and was instrumental in establishing the coffee program at Menotti’s Coffee Stop. Currently, he proudly owns and operates Hooked Coffee and Wine at Dudley Market. Over the years, Nicely has captivated customers around the world with his remarkable coffee-making expertise, prowess in latte art, and service.


Chef David Hernandez— Latin America 50 Best Restaurants winner, Corazon de Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico— is back in LA at Dudley Market, a proper neighborhood oyster and natural wine bar owned and operated by fisherman Conner Mitchell and his partner Dina O’Connor. "The kind with amazing seafood and natural wine you would find on a dimly lit street in Europe or even the East Coast." Dudley Market opened with the intention of reviving "the good old days" on Dudley Avenue in Venice and has since become a home for Hooked Venice (Nicely's coffee counterpart to the natural wine program) and an incubator for community and culinary creativity. 


Colombia's unique environment makes it one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, producing beautiful coffee year-round. Its volcanic soil and high mountains contribute to unparalleled flavor. In fact, the name Estellar is inspired by the combination of the word "stellar" and the Spanish word "estelar," which means "exceptional quality" in Spanish. Just as the volcanic soils give life and body to the beans, they infuse every cup of coffee with great flavor. The name is a true representation of the experience you get in a cup - one that immerses you in the culture every sip.

Our specialty coffee farmers are more than producers to us. We select each of them with careful consideration, and work to ensure that the relationship is one of partnership and common ground, vs simply profit. All our farmers receive above fair trade prices to ensure they have what they need to continue growing the finest, cleanest first grade coffee in Colombia.


WHAT: Rare Coffee + Rare Records with Estellar, Hooked & Dudley Market

WHEN: Sunday, September 10th. 10AM - 1PM

WHERE: Dudley Market, 9 Dudley Ave, Venice, CA 90291, United States


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