Rubie Smokes Oxtail in the Spring

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Everyone remembers the first time they had oxtail… 

Especially Chef Giancarlo Scott. As a kid in Buffalo, Gian would frequent mom and pop Jamaican restaurants with his dad that served oxtail with braised cabbage. It was one of the earliest dishes from his childhood he could remember. 

Once a throwaway cut, now a Jamaican delicacy, the humble oxtail was transformed into a culinary treasure through ingenuity, creativity, and a history as rich as its flavor. Today, it’s a dish served on special occasions.

What are we celebrating, you ask? 


Smoked Oxtail, jerk rubbed, braised, and charred on the grill
Yuzu BBQ sauce, a Rubie signature
Sugar Snap Peas in season and tasting sweet
Fennel-Apple Slaw with Honey & Lime, a bright acid to cut through the richness
Pickled Grapes for some tart sweetness
Homemade Flatbread to soak up all the flavors


Rubie is a Jamaican pop-up by chef Gian Scott. The concept is a love letter to Scott’s appreciation for food across the African diaspora, seasonal west coast ingredients, and the heart and rhythm of the Caribbean.

In 2015, Scott fell into cooking professionally while working at LA’s own Providence after working various food-related odd jobs. At Providence, he decided to pursue cooking for a living, and eventually led him to Seattle to further hone his skills. While working in Seattle it inspired Gian to dig into the history and traditions around Black Southern food and food from his own Jamaican roots.

In 2020, Scott and his wife returned to his hometown of Los Angeles amidst the new COVID-19 landscape, ready to explore his cuisine further and hoping to connect with other Angelenos through his food. When he’s not behind the grill, you can find him enjoying being a greyhound dad, phoning his mom, and playing a good board game.

This ones a gem. Wednesday, April 17th. Springtime smoked oxtail for the soul, see you there. 


WHAT: Rubie Smokes Oxtail in the Spring

WHEN: Wednesday April 17th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

WHERE: The Grant, 3515 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065


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