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Secret Back Alley Pretzel Drop

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By popular request, the laugenbrezel by Back Alley Pretzel Co is back. The most authentic Bavarian Pretzel there is.

These authentic Bavarian pretzels are different than their American counterpart soft pretzels because they are dipped in a more traditional lye mixture. In fact, the German name for these pretzels laugenbrezel literally translates to “lye pretzels.”

After years of experimentation, Ryan Caveywoolpert perfected the art of laugenbrezel, and now you can get it through 


A baggy with 2 large freshly baked pretzels and a gourmet cheese dip of cheddar, beer, Worcestershire, garlic, and mustard. The dip itself is mindblowing.


Tuesday, June 15th between 1 and 3pm.


This is the coolest part. It's the back alley of Abbot Kinney, behind The Tasting Kitchen. You have to firmly knock on the back door 3 times and wait. Ryan will open the door and handle your pretzels. There's a photo of the door here on the page. Don't be surprised if Ryan invites you to the pretzel challenge. He will explain.

The batch is small so don't be that guy who buys everything.
Please share only with the people you love.