Social Hummus

Social Hummus x Loria Stern: A Sunday Social Club at Silverlake Meadows

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*WARNING: This hummus will likely ruin all other hummus for you. 

Social Hummus does to hummus what “fresh” does to tortillas and “homemade” does to pasta. Consider it a whole different category. 

While the ultra creamy, whipped hummus is godsent on its own, Social Hummus is known for their cool ass flavors and unique collabs with chefs across the city and beyond. 

Next Sunday, August 13th, Social Hummus is teaming up with Culinary Artist, Chef and Edible Flower Fairy, Loria Stern. A dream collaborator for Social Hummus that's been a long time— almost 3 years— in the making. Come enjoy at Silverlake Meadows with expert picnic curators, Sunday Social Club and meet some fellow eastside hummus lovers.  

All good if you're feeling like an anti-social hummus. Snag one on your way home or eat it alone in your car, no judgement. 


Roasted Beet & Edible Flowers (8oz) - Fresh roasted beets add a subtle sweet earthiness that is both complex & exquisite. Nutrient-packed & beautiful, this vibrant hot pink flavor is topped with fresh flowers you can safely eat. Created by August feature chef, Loria Stern in honor of summer and her Russian and Swedish heritage. 

Preserved Lemon & Brightland Lemon Olive Oil (8oz) - The salty, sour, and umami-rich flavor of pulsed preserved lemon pulp, lays on top of a bed of fluffy, whipped hummus. Finished with a generous glug of Brightland infused lemon extra virgin olive oil, giving even more depth. 

Classic OG (8oz)  - Our signature “classic” flavor is decadently creamy with citrusy, nutty tones. Topped with fresh chickpeas, sumac & paprika. You will lick the container clean. 

Za’atar Lavash Crackers (1 bag) - Perfect for dipping. Flaky & crispy. *Contains Gluten

More Goodies from our friends at Ghia (La Spritz), Date Better (chocolate covered, nut butter filled dates), and Siesta Co. (obligatory sardines).

+ a portion of each basket will support Compton Community Gardens.  

Social Hummus is ultra-creamy, whipped hummus, ethically made in small batches. Featured chef collaborations push culinary boundaries, showcasing the diversity of Los Angeles food. A portion of the profits is donated to a relevant social cause or charity of the chef’s choice. Made with heirloom garbanzo beans from Rancho Gordo & high-quality extra virgin olive oil, Social Hummus is plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free & preservative-free. 

Loria Stern is the founder & CEO of Eat Your Flowers Bakery, based in LA. Growing up in beautiful Ojai, CA, Loria became fascinated with medicinal and edible plants. Loria’s vibrant edible botanical creations have been featured in VogueThe New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, and recently on Shark Tank. She is a celebrated baker, chef, botanist, gardener, and artist. Using nature as her muse, Loria’s first cookbook Eat Your Flowers was released in Spring 2023. 

Sunday Social Club was founded based on a need for community and human connection. They host monthly gatherings for the bold and playful across Los Angeles. 

A grown-up drink with original, craveable flavors from only pure botanical extracts. Ghia designs beverages packed with flavor over function.

Date Better Snacks is a health-conscious candy bar alternative that has become a beloved fixture in the Los Angeles food community. 

Tinned seafood sustainably sourced from Galicia, Spain, packed in organic extra virgin olive oil.


WHAT: Social Hummus x Loria Stern: A Sunday Social Club at Silverlake Meadows

WHEN: Sunday 8/13, 11AM - 2PM (Pick up or Picnic) 

WHERE: Silverlake Meadows, 2300 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
It's the park around the reservoir! Find us in the shade :) 


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