Chef Tiana Gee for Black History Month: A Filipino Kamayan Feast for the Soul

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(a haiku) 

Barbecues, cookouts, Kamayans, and family reunions. For Chef Tiana Gee, her Black and Filipino culture have deep roots of connection and community around the dinner table. 

“Everyone’s black history and journey looks and feels different. Growing up I felt too Filipino for my black friends and too black for my Filipino friends when in reality I’m just both of those things, it’s who I am. Being able to share my perspective through food means everything to me.”

To close out Black History Month, Chef Tiana Gee teams up with Two Hommés to reimagine the Kamayan through the lens of her multicultural upbringing— a communal feast, meaning “hands,” where an abundance of food is laid on a bed of banana leaves to be eaten with— you guessed it— your hands. 

Introducing the first of it’s kind…

Hoppin John Fried Rice 
Macapuno Cornbread
Sticky Patis Fried Chicken Wings Calamansi & Cilantro Aioli 
Lamb Dibi - Senegalese Smoked Lamb Shank
Peel & Eat Berbere Prawns
Coconut & Tamarind Collard Greens 

Tiana Gee is a young Filipina and Black Los Angeles native who found her love for food at a very early age. Tiana Gee also known as Tee is breaking the mold on what it means to be considered a chef in today's day and age. She started off working in some amazing restaurants in the LA food scene where she then took her skills to New York to be the sous chef at her mentor, Marcus Samuelson’s Harlem eatery, Red Rooster. 

Tee is continuing to navigate in what we now know as the future of the food industry and is the star of her YouTube channel, “Cookin with Tee“, where she shares some of her recipes and techniques for home cooks. Tee is featured on Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Food Networks Chopped Next Gen and is the winner of It's Compliplated, Tabitha Brown's vegan cooking competition and Battle of the Decades. Tee is always working on multiple projects to showcase her love for food, culture and learning. Tee’s latest project she’s been working on is a heart-crafted pop up dinner series known as SoulPhil. SoulPhil is Tees ode to her heritage and a delicious way to get a taste of who she really is. You can connect with Tee and check out her latest work on her instagram @cheftianagee. 

LA Times 101 Best Restaurant, Two Hommés, is an Afro-centric eatery created by old friends and chefs Abdoulaye Balde (aka Chef AB) and Marcus Yaw (aka Chef Mando).


WHAT: Chef Tiana Gee for Black History Month: A Filipino Kamayan Feast for the Soul

WHEN: Wednesday February 28th, 5:30PM & 8:00PM Seatings

WHERE: Two Hommés902 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90302


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