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The Secret Tea Room Experience with .standstill. and Chef Wendy Zeng

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Be one of fifteen to experience the magic of .standstill. 

Tucked away on a tranquil hilltop 15 minutes from DTLA is the .standstill. HQ, a treehouse tea haven full of rare brews, relics, film photographs and 360-degree panoramic views of LA. Once in a blue moon, the founders of .standstill. open up their space for unique, invite-only tea sessions and gatherings like you’ve never experienced before. 

On July 15th, .standstill. gives 15 Biite Club guests a chance to experience the magic of an afternoon biodynamic tea service, tea-infused Sichuan street food by their dear friend Chef Wendy Zeng (Chendu-born Chopped 420 champion known for her cannabis-infused supper clubs) and some other goodies and optional infusions 👀


The afternoon will start off with a gong fu tea tasting session featuring three teas from their lineup, sourced directly from biodynamic & eco-conscious farms across Taiwan and China. After a 30-minute gong fu tea brewing demonstration, you will have the option to become the tea master and take over the tea brewing for your table. 

      • Leafhopper-bitten Gui Fei Oolong from Zhang Yu Collective. Dong Ding, Taiwan  

      • 2400m Elevation High Mountain Oolong from Zhang Yu Collective. Dayuling, Taiwan (unreleaased from our private stash)

      • 2013, 5 year Cellar-Aged Ripe Pu'er from Bolian Collective. Jingmai, Yunnan

      THE FOOD

      Guo Kui is a staple of Sichuan street food which literally translates to "pot helmet." Some say the origin dates back to the Tang Dynasty when a laborer who cooked flatbread in his iron helmet over a wood fire. Lu Rou Guo Kui refers to the specific style found in Sichuan where the flatbread is cut open and stuffed with soy and aromatic braised pork belly sliced thin and topped with a mala shredded pickle salad. A vegan version will be available using braised bean curd and lotus root instead of pork belly. 

      In addition to the stuffed Guo Kui, Chef Zeng will be serving an assortment of iconic Sichuan cold dishes to eat alongside or stuff into their Guo Kui for extra flavors and textures + a small mochi bite (green tea mochi stuffed with mung bean paste) for dessert. 

      • Lu Rou Guo Kui | Sichuan Flatbread stuffed with Gui Fei Oolong braised pork belly or bean curd + lotus root (vegan)

      • Liang Cai | Sichuan cold dishes

      • Gardenia Green Tea Mochi Stuffed With Mung Bean and Walnut

      Come be one of the few lucky guests to take part in this special experience. Magic guaranteed. 


      WHAT: The Secret Tea Room Experience with .standstill. and Chef Wendy Zeng
      WHEN: Saturday July 15th, 1:00 PM and 4:20 PM seatings
      WHERE: Secret Location in the hills of East LA (details will be revealed to ticket buyers) 


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      .standstill. is cultivating a new generation of tea lovers at the intersection of tea, psychedelics, and mindfulness. We are passionate about sharing Chinese & Taiwanese tea culture through the lens of community, gatherings & wellness.

      We direct source loose leaf tea from eco-conscious & biodynamic farms across China & Taiwan and share them with our community through uniquely tailored, memorable tea gatherings designed to bring people together & create meaningful connections.

      .standstill.HQ is a “Secret Tea Room” in the East LA hills. Situated 15 minutes outside of DTLA, the property is tucked away on a tranquil hilltop and features an expansive, almost 360-degree panoramic view of Los Angeles. Tea sessions and gatherings at .standstill.HQ are rare, unique, and invite-only.


      Much like her bright mint green hair, Chef Wendy Zeng is a breath of fresh air in the world of cannabis cuisine. Born in the city of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, Wendy spent her formative years in her grandfather’s kitchen, mastering the diverse flavors and intricate techniques of the region’s complex cuisine. At the age of 10, she migrated across the world to Memphis, Tennessee, immersing herself in the legacy of Southern barbecue and soul food. She realized that the South’s culinary delights, similar to Sichuan cuisine, are about honoring one’s family, history, and the dishes that bring us together.

      Now based in Los Angeles, Wendy continues to draw inspiration from the city’s ever-evolving gastronomical landscape. Her catering company Drizzle celebrates cultural and historical diversity through contemporary interpretations of classic, instantly recognizable Asian offerings. Wendy’s keen culinary style earned her victory on Chopped 420, a cannabis spin-off of the popular Chopped competition series. In August 2021, she launched “Chili Party,” her signature line of gourmet Sichuan chili oil that granted her a competitive edge on the show.

      Through hosting a series of pop-up, cannabis-infused supper clubs, Wendy infuses a familiar, shared sense of community with cannabis lovers and foodies. Her goal is to destigmatize the recreational use of cannabis by using quality, market-driven ingredients and guiding others on responsible consumption.