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The Après Surf Breakfast Burrito by Lowkey Burritos X Fat Boy Surf Club

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There are few things in life as pure and pleasurable as surfing with your friends and then all going out for a rockin’ breakfast burrito. Well, this is one of them.

Our friends at Fat Boy Surf Club have teamed up with Lowkey Burritos and JuneShine to bring you the breakfast burrito to end all breakfast burritos… Plus a flight of Junies to boot!

Introducing: The Après Surf. A California Style Breakfast Burrito, but make it Surf & Turf.

This beauty is piled high with lobster tails simmered in butter, seared and cubed New York Strip steak, tots (for CRONCH!), avocado (because California Style), drizzled in a garlic confit crema, and sealed in Lowkey’s signature jalapeño cheese crust. Served with a side of delicious, refreshing salsa fresca that’s so good you might be inclined to drink it.

But don’t chug the salsa, we’ve got you covered. Each Aprés Surf comes with a tasting flight of the light, bright flavors of JuneShine to wash it all down.

Politely no modifications*


And make sure to throw in a one of a kind, limited-edition tee by the Fat Boy Surf Club that will *ONLY* be available at this event. Just click to add-on below, and make sure to select your size (unisex fit)!

Amazing on its own. Even better with friends. Come hang with us on Saturday, November 20th at the JuneShine Tap Room in Santa Monica.



Saturday, November 20th, 12:00 - 2:00pm


2914 Main St, Santa Monica, CA, 90405

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