Comfy Pup

The Donut-Give-AF Fried Pork Glazed Donut Sandwich Combo Meal

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Michael Walker of Comfy Pup is back again, and this time has teamed up with Willow Fields of Donut Witch for a light, lo-cal, lo-carb, gluten-free sandwich that will blow your mind. Well, it will blow your mind, but none of those other things are true.

This one is for the bold ones. The ones that put their taste buds before their six-packs, even when it’s beach season. The ones who want to sink their teeth into the most unique, decadent, and downright outrageous food Los Angeles has to offer.

This limited-edition beauty features Comfy Pup’s very own Evan Fetherolf's classic fried pork tenderloin cutlet, sandwiched between a signature Donut Witch honey-glazed donut, topped with hot honey and an apple-pear slaw for a little color and crunch (and honestly because without at least something green this sandwich might actually be a health hazard).

Served with fries and a classic midwestern soda of your choosing.

Limited quantity, exclusively on Biite.

Saturday, June 19th between 12:00 - 2:00 PM


Deus Ex Machina Venice, 1001 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA 90291