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The Haole Hawaiian x JuneShine Pairing Flight

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Sometimes, when you throw tradition out the window, a new tradition is born. 

JuneShine and Speak Cheezy have teamed up for a limited-edition exclusive to bring you Hawaii's least traditional, most controversial, and downright delicious pizza: The Haole Hawaiian, paired with a flight of Junies to match each flavor note for note.
4-day fermented sourdough crust, generously decorated with hand-pulled mozzarella, guanciale and thinly-shaved pineapple, adorned with slivered scallions, cilantro, and red fresno Li Hi Ming powder for just the right amount of heat and tang. *Vegetarian option available

Each pizza is paired with a flight of JuneShine, featuring three light, bright flavors that complement the flavors in the Haole.

Spicy Pineapple Margarita: a touch of heat, with notes of pineapple to bring out the fruit in the Haole.
Blueberry Lemonade: sweet, bright, and lighter drinking, the perfect palate cleanser for the heat of the habanero.
Grapefruit Paloma: just the right level of acidity to cut through the richness of the guanciale.

Speak Cheezy will be firing these on the spot out of their 800 degree mobile ovens at the JuneShine Tap Room in Santa Monica. Pre-order now to stop by with friends and enjoy Hawaii's least authentic and most delicious pizza with the light, bright flavors of JuneShine.


Saturday, August 14th, 12:00 - 2:00pm

2914 Main St, Santa Monica, CA, 90405
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