The Tre Pass Garden Party: an exclusive first taste of the brand new Tre Mani menu

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Sunshine, chilled wine, and a Biite-sized taste of the full Tre Mani menu in advance of their public open later this summer.

Tre Mani, the long awaited bread child of Italian Mastermind Chef Travis Passerotti and prodigal dough whisperer Jyan Isaac, will finally open their doors later this month.

When it finally drops, the new menu for the fresh flavors of the Tre Mani Roman Deli concept is going to permanently alter the sandwich landscape of Los Angeles. In advance of the public opening, Biite will be offering an exclusive first taste of the full, never-before-debuted menu.Ā 

Join us Saturday July 15th for the Tre Pass Garden Party, and try all the new delicious flavor combinations Chef Travis and Jyan have been working on all year. They'll be firing sandwich after sandwich fresh and hot out the oven, cutting them down into delicious, biite-sized morsels, and sending them around in a tray-pass so we can try the full menu in a single afternoon. Plus, bottomless vino pours to pair with each bite and toast to the grand opening soon-to-be. Oh, joy!

The Tre Pass Garden Party:
An exclusive first taste of the brand new Tre Mani menu
  • Tray-pass of biite-sized Tre Mani sandwich creations, the full menu on full display
  • Bottomless vino poursĀ (cheers!)
  • $20 per person, all you can eat and drink

Join us Saturday, July 15th, 3-6pm, for the unveiling of THE BRAND NEW TRE MANI MENU.

Exclusively available on Biite.


WHAT:Ā Chef Travis Passerotti and Jyan Isaac Present:Ā šŸ¤ŒšŸ¤ŒšŸ¤ŒĀ The Tre Mani MenuĀ šŸ¤ŒšŸ¤ŒšŸ¤Œ
Each $20 ticketĀ grants entry and comesĀ with unlimited biite-sized sandwiches and free-flowing vino pours.

WHEN:Ā Saturday,Ā JulyĀ 15th, 3-6pm

WHERE:Ā TheĀ Ghisallo Garden,Ā 1622 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA


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Ticket purchasesĀ cannot be refunded*


Tre Mani is the bread child of Italian mastermind Chef Travis Passerotti and prodigal dough whisperer Jyan Isaac. Together they bring California magic to the revered Roman style flatbread sandwich.Ā 

Named for the three (tre) hands (mani) it takes to hold, these sandwiches are the size of a vintage Italian sports car steering wheel, and are about as much fun to handle.

As with all sandwiches, the bread is key. Jyan did countless iterations of the Schiacciata, (schiacā€§ciĆ ā€§ta) to get it just right for Tre Mani. The result is a heavenly focaccia-eqsue gloss finish with a chewy yet feather-like crumb interior. When sliced in half fresh out of the oven, it becomes the perfect vessel for Chef Passerotti's American made, Italian-style deli proteins, seasonal preserves, and perennial California produce.

Please enjoy.Ā 



In 2020,Ā  19-year-oldĀ Jyan Isaac, a member of the bread team at artisanal bakery Gjusta, lost his job along with so many other restaurant workersĀ and began baking sourdough loaves out of his familyā€™s kitchenĀ and selling them to neighbors. The response was extraordinary. Soon Jyan was baking 250 sourdough loaves a week out of a shuttered pizza joint in Santa Monica, hand delivering them to his Instagram devotees.Ā Jyan Isaac Bread was named inĀ Food & WineĀ magazineā€™s January 2022 featureĀ The Best Bread in Every StateĀ as one of the top 5 bread bakeries in California.Ā 

As Executive Chef of The Tasting Kitchen,Ā Travis Passerottiā€™sĀ award-winning culinary philosophy is built around seasonal market buying, sustainable sourcing, and whole animal butchery. He draws inspiration from Nouvelle French and Contemporary American cuisines, the American local food movement, and farmhouse ideology for their insistence on seasonal cooking, local and wild ingredients, with regional culinary practices.Ā