🏆🥪 Tre Mani Presents: The Women’s World Cup of Sandwiches 🥪🏆

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The Inaugural, Quadrennial, Very Delicious


Join Biite and Tre Mani as we bring you the sandwich sporting event of the decade. A global phenomenon bringing together people and cultures from around the world in the spirit of unity, competition, and the elite food group that is the sandwich. A fierce battle between the creme de la creme of LA foodies, each representing a unique slice of the globe, to determine the supreme nation of sandwich mastery.

3 competitors.
3 unique sandwich creations.
1 eventual champion.

Who will end up on top? YOU decide.


👑 Mady Maio, @camberapp

🌎 Repping Deliwood
🥪 The Mady, born of 

LA deli culture and a little too much Curb Your Enthusiasm 

👑 Jackie Gebel, @noleftovers

🌎 Repping

The United Tastes of New York
🥪 The Bo Ssämwich, a umami bomb inspired by the five boroughs  

👑 Irene Walton, @homemadebyirene

🌎 Repping The Federated Flavors of Texas
🥪 The Breezy Belton, Texas summer in a sandwich


The constants? The bread. Each sandwich must be made on the signature Tre Mani Jyan Isaac Schiacciatta.

The rest? Anything goes.

The winner? Gets the glory, the trophy, a cash prize, and their sandwich goes on the Tre Mani menu as a limited-time special on the Tre Mani menu.

Plus, A portion of ticket sales and a royalty off every sandwich sold will be donated to Regarding Her Food, an organization dedicated to empowering female-identifying food & drink entrepreneurs. 


Join us Saturday August 19th when Mady Maio's The Mady, Jackie Gebel's Bo Ssämwich and Irene Walton's Breezy Belton battle it out for ultimate sandwich glory. 


1. Gets you entry to the sandwich event of the decade
2. A taste of all three competing sandwiches
3. An authorized sandwich ballot
4. Wine on flow (to ensure you're in the right voting mindset)
5. A meet and greet with our all star contenders 
6. Bragging rights 


By Mady Maio, @camberapp

It’s a Reuben. It’s a Rachel. No, it’s a Mady! From Langers to Wexlers to Canters, LA is home to some of the most iconic Jewish eateries in all the lands. Inspired by LA deli culture and all your favorite lactose intolerant Jewish friends who defiantly keep the Swiss on their sandwiches because that’s just how you do it, this beauty is a riff on a classic Rachel with a special Mady twist. It's turkey, it's Russian dressing, it's meeting up with your bubby on a lovely Angelino Sunday afternoon for a nosh. Oh, and you already know it comes topped off with a classic dill pickle.

By Jackie Gebel, @noleftovers
This sandwich is a tribute to the unforgettable flavors and cherished memories I’ve savored while living in NYC. From nights spent at Momofuku Ssam Bar to sipping cocktails at Booker & Dax, and exploring the aisles of Asian supermarkets, I’d often embark on a journey of delightful discoveries as Mulberry Street seamlessly transitioned from Little Italy to Chinatown. Tre Mani’s schiacciata bread serves as the perfect canvas, the ‘Bo Ssämwich’ is a heartfelt homage to those treasured memories. It’s more than just a sandwich; it's a celebration of cultures, experiences, and the impact that people, places and flavors have had on my culinary journey.

Irene Walton, @homemadebyirene
This sandwich is a love letter to the magic of a Texas summer. Texas is always beef this, beef that, and often overlooked for its incredible produce. While the weather conditions don't always bode well for people - for tomatoes they absolutely crush. This sandwich reminds me of the simplicity that comes with seeing family and having nothing to worry about except reapplying sunscreen after jumping in the creek. Coming back inside to a roast beef sandwich when you're hungry and tired I think is the closest we can get to true bliss. 



🏆🥪  Tre Mani Presents: The Women’s World Cup of Sandwiches  🥪


WHEN: Saturday August 19th, 2PM - 5PM

WHERE: Tre Mani, 

1620 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405


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