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The Wagyu Parmesan Fondue Black Truffle Sandwich

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What happens when you take the culinary excellence of Trois Mec and sandwich it between two pieces of bread? High meets low in an outrageous expression of the sandwich format with limited-edition Wagyu Truffle experience from Alex Williams and Jordan Snyder (former chef de cuisine and sous of Trois Mec) and their new Beverly Hills concept: Bread Head

Longtime friends Chefs Alex Williams and Jordan Snyder first met while running one of LA’s finest kitchens, Michelin star-rated Trois Mec. Among many things, they shared an appreciation for the art of the sandwich and set out to build one that was simple yet refined.

After Trois Mec shut its doors during the pandemic, it was time to put its passion into practice. 

To celebrate the launch of their new Beverly Hills pop-up location, they’re offering a limited-edition sandwich to end all sandwiches: The Beverly Hills.

Piled high on their signature focaccia sits a generous portion of thinly sliced Wagyu roast beef, drizzled in a luxurious parmesan fondue, dusted with fresh-shaved black truffle.

Decadent. Delicious. 

This masterpiece is only available this weekend, so get your pre-orders in now while you still can.

Pre-orders open until Wednesday 14th 10pm.

WHEN: Available for pickup 11am to 5pm.*

Friday, July 16th through Saturday, July 17th

9909 South Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

*  Items must be picked up during specified pickup window. Items that are not picked up cannot be refunded.